Parents are welcome to use our observation windows to watch dancers in class.

Only dancers and instructors are allowed inside the studio rooms. Please do not leave siblings unattended in the lobby. 

 Dancers are expected to keep all cell phones, smart watches etc. in their dance bags and silenced during class and not used until class is over.

Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at the studio. Leave all drama and gossip outside of the studio! Dancers may be dismissed from the studio if there are reports of this type of behavior.



​​​​​​​​​​Studio Customs

All withdrawals must be made in writing at the beginning of the month they wish to stop. Tuition will still be billed in that month.

If a withdrawal is made after recital costumes and fees have been applied there will be NO REFUNDS.

If the Williamsburg School District is closed due to weather so is the studio. Please call or email the studio with any questions about cancellations. There will be no makeup or refund for classes cancelled due to weather.

Please check KCRG Cancellations or your email for dance class cancellations! 

The studio WILL hold class if Williamsburg schools are closed due to a Clerical Day or have an early out!


Food, gum and outside drinks are not permitted in any of the studios.

Please respect the furniture and property in the studio. All coats and bags are expected to be hung or placed on the benches. 

Running and rough housing are not allowed inside the studio.

Please do not drop children off early at the studio as the doors will only open 5 minutes prior to scheduled class times. Please make sure you pick up your child promptly at the completion of their class. An early drop off/late pickup fee will be assessed if there are multiple occurrences or issues.


Being a dancer at MDS is a 9 month commitment. To ensure that a dancer is receiving proper training of technique and choreography they must attend class. 

If a dancer has missed too many classes or does not know the choreography prior to a performance they will not be allowed to dance.

Please be courteous and email the studio IN ADVANCE if a dancer will miss a class. There are no refunds or makeups offered for missed classes.